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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Serial story

I'm very pleased with how the Morgan Chronicles is turning out. I got
bored with the vampire storyline, and am now moving along with a new
plot. Revelations and back story and surprises, oh my.
I finished reworking AHB, so I can finally transcribe the four Morgan
chapters I waiting around. I'm even considering upping the frequency.
I think I can manage to pump out 1400 words a week. Not much of a
writer if I couldn't, actually.
And it's really a great writing exercise. It's like constant practice. And I can just really let my mind go. They way I'm doing Morgan, it's a completely freeform plot. I really don't know where I'm going more than a few posts ahead.
And I cheat. I write up a bunch of chapters, and use Blogger's scheduled post system. Means I don't need to stress to be on every Friday.