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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday, Joyous Whatever

It's Christmas Eve. I've never been Christian, so this has never been a religious holiday for me. Christmas was always more like the old heathen traditions; celebrating family, and life, and love, and so on. This was a time for us to get together, and to know love, and see the people we hadn't seen in a while.

Then my mom died, and I pretty much severed all ties with her family. I'd long since severed ties with my dad's family. So it's been my made-up, cabbled together family for the last decade. Still a time of love and celebrating, with the people I really truly care about.

And now that I'm getting older, I'm beginning to really hate the holiday. Not the sentiment of being with family, and being halfway through the winter. That's still there.

I hate the commercialism of it. Something I never really paid attention to when I was younger, but now I see nothing but that. The crazy people rushing to get things they don't need. People blowing entire paychecks to buy stuff for people they barely know. The need to have the bigger badder toys, and the latest gadgets, and things things things.

I was doing my grocery shopping, and felt the overwhelming tide of greed and vaccuous commercialism, and it sickened me. I blamed Christmas and I hated it.

And that's when I realized I'm getting old. 8P I'm one of those people complaining about how it used to be better. Not that I really think the season was better when I was a kid; I was just young and naive and could enjoy it for what it was.

In other notes, go to You Tube and look up Van Canto. They're a metal cover band...that does it a capella. Yes, a capella metal songs. I lolled. They're awesome, and the lead singer has gorgeous eyes.