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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Morgan Chronicles

I balked, and Rhaelgyr tugged me along. We were in sight of the den
and its bouncers. "What are you on about?"

~Lower your voice,~ he whispered, forging a link so tight it was
painful. ~One of us needs to be the pet, and that's not me.~

~I don't get a choice in the matter?~ We had to wait for a caravan
to rumble along the street.

~Not really. You want to find Steven, and this is the best shot we
have. Now quit arguing and just look pretty. I'll try to keep anyone
you find distasteful from using you.~ His voice was slightly
possessive as we crossed the street.

~So, you can refuse people?~ I was strangely curious about the sex
den, but not enough to want to participate.

~Yes. You're my pet, and I get the final say so.~ Almost to the bouncers.

~If you know how this place works, why didn't you say that about
Tessa?~ I tensed my arm, letting him know how upset I was.

Rhaelgyr stopped at the entrance, keeping me close, staring down his
nose at the bouncers. "Prince Rhaelgyr and one guest."

"Bondage night," the beefy guy on the left said. "She needs a leash."

I started to struggle, but the dragon squeezed my elbow until it went
numb. "Of course. Just a moment." He pulled us to the side to allow
another couple to pass by. Suppressing the urge to yell at him, I held
still as Rhaelgyr wrapped soft fingers around my throat.

Chaos magic tingled across my skin, and suddenly I was wearing a
leather collar and leash of barbed wire. Rhaelgyr wrapped the metal
strand around his fist, his other hand tracing my collarbone and arm.
Our breaths mingled, and I stared at him, anger boiling in my veins.
~So why couldn't you bring Tessa? You could have kept her from being
a meat puppet.~

Magic continued to tease my nerves, and I felt my simple shirt and
jeans changing. I started to repeat my question when Rhaelgyr jerked
me close, choking me briefly, his mouth just above mine. ~Because
we're going to need to put on a good show, and I refuse to touch that
animal in such a way.~ His forked tongue darted out briefly to trace
my lower lip.

I shuddered, struggling against the collar. The dragon hissed, and I
saw metal barbs digging into his silvery skin. Blood began to well,
outlining a fine network of scales. ~So you're taking me in just for
a chance to bed me?~

~Hardly.~ He ran his free hand up my side, barely touching my
breast, then through my hair. ~You're not unpleasant to the eyes,
but you are too delicate to be with a dragon. I would hurt you, and
you would find none of it pleasurable.~

The tingle of Chaos faded, leaving me properly dressed for a stint in
a bondage sex den. Rhaelgyr still wore his black silks and leather,
but I now wore black leather pants and knee boots, a corseted leather
bustier, and my hair in a ponytail. Lace covered flesh, exposing me
up the sides, but revealing nothing.

Lost in Rhaelgyr's possessive aura, I realized I was on display
without giving easy access. Bare shoulders and deep cleavage were
nothing compared to the outfit I saw another woman entering the club

~So nothing I don't want?~ I was still shaking, wondering just how
violent dragon sex got.

~Nothing. But we may have to play a little to. find your Steven.~
An image flicked across our bond; Rhaelgyr flaying my back with his
claws, making me scream as he filled me.

~No permanent wounds,~ I said hurriedly. Making out with the dragon
was one thing. Sleeping with this enticing elven form would be
another. But maiming and crippling were unacceptable.

~Sorry,~ he responded. ~That came from nowhere.~ Rhaelgyr led us
back to the entrance. He held the leash with some slack, letting me
walk comfortably beside him. Spicy dragon scent reached me over the
market smells, laced with a hint of blood.

I kept my face schooled, but gave him a mental smile. ~It's okay.
You can just say I'm hot.~

We strode past the bouncers, and the dragon let out a deep laugh.
Entering the sex club, I was distracted by the room, missing what he
might have said.