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Saturday, December 19, 2009

The pets

I love a menagerie. I love having animals. I prefer neat looking critters, or ones that have something unique to them. (I once bought an oscar fish with one eye, because he'd grown up to a decent size, and that made him cool.)

So, in no particular order, these are my beloved pets.

This is my yellow-nape Amazon parrot, Aleister Growley. Yes, named after THAT Aleister. And he does growl. He's going on 10, and is an absolute charmer, and an absolute devil. I have a scar on my chin from him. That scar came from the last time he bit me hard enough to really draw blood. While he's given me some love bites, none have been that bad again.

I've had him since he was about five months old, and he only loves me. He likes my roommates, and is starting to lvoe my fiance, but he is my little boy.


These are the boys. Mackey here on the left, Ginger on the
right. They're both laying on the pile of cushions I use to lounge on in our living room. Ginger uses pillows and cushions like a typical cat does: lounges on them. Mackey thinks he's people, and uses them like people do. Although, in this shot, he was just laying there because I wouldn't let him have my chair.


And then there's Flash. My weird little snake who seems to be half-blind, and doesn't like eating frozen food anymore. Although, I'm proud of how much she likes to eat live and squirming food, it's expensive to get her live feeders.

Find her head here on the right.