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Friday, January 1, 2010

Morgan Chronicles

First post of the year!!! Happy New Year everyone.


If the sight of the troll market had left me stunned, this place had me reeling.

Whomever owned the building had access to technology. Loud music
pounded through speakers, the bass thudding in my chest. Scantily
dressed people danced and writhed on a sunken floor. Stairs swept
around the edges, heading up to various levels. Lights pulsed, smoke
filled the air, and a chill breeze tried to work the crowd.

I realized this club was in a different dimension, not just stuck in
Between. The barriers here were so thin that I hadn't felt the
shift. The entire toll market was built at a convergence of
dimensions. In a corner between worlds, as it were. No wonder there
were so many races present, why it was so busy.

~Steven's upstairs, but I can't pinpoint him from here.~ Rhaelgyr
took some slack out of the leash, keeping me close. We were in a
foyer, and people were mostly just passing by, but there were already
covetous glances trailing over us. Did people want us because we were
new, or did we really form that good-looking a couple?

~So let's make our way there.~ I turned to head up the stairs to
our left, and was brought up short by the leash. Glaring over my
shoulder, I met Rhaelgyr's nearly black eyes. ~What's the hold up?~

Telepathy was great; we'd have never heard each other over the driving rhythms

~It's going to be more intense the higher we go.~

~So? You already said you'd protect me.~ I trusted him implicitly,
my instincts vouching for him.

~There's at least one other dragon up there. Another male. I
might have to prove you belong to me.~ He fed me an image of two big
dragons fighting while a female watched. ~You're not a dragon, so it
shouldn't get to that.~

~Just as long as he doesn't think I'm up for grabs, he won't move,~
I extrapolated.

~If he does, I will be forced to mark you.~ Rhaelgyr touched my
collarbone with his leash hand, smearing some of his blood on my skin.

~Let's hope he doesn't then.~ I wasn't looking forward to any
draconic shows of affection.

Rhaelgyr nodded, then led me up the stairs. People leaned against the
railing, watching the dancers. I started to watch too, but the first
grope I suffered changed my kind. I kept my eyes on the crowd, my
hands on the dragon's hips.

The noise of the dance floor plunged as we reached the first landing.
Conversations could be heard over the music, and the clank and clatter
of dishes sounded. I saw diners enjoying themselves, some with pets
eating beside them, some of the pets engaged in various forms of

My pulse jumped as I reacted to the sights. I was here to do a job,
but the eroticism was undeniable. Licking my lips, I tore my gaze
away. My hands were fluttering on Rhaelgyr's body, and he took one in
his free hand. ~He's on the next floor. One of the active floors.~

Active, as opposed to this dining room. Meaning more sex, less
observation. The level where others might start approaching us.
~And the dragon?~

~He is at the top level. We won't encounter him by accident.~
Rhaelgyr gave my hand a squeeze, and we started climbing again. No
one leaned on the railings here; people were either coming or going.
It took very little time for us to reach the next landing, and the
doors that opened off it.

Trepidation attacked me. After I'd already let Rhaelgyr change my
clothes, and leash me, after we'd climbed two stories, after the
dragon had warned me Steven might change hands, I was getting nervous
about this. Had I been borrowing bravado from the dragon? Was common
sense finally slapping me around?

I didn't know and didn't care. The answer to a lot of questions was
beyond those doors. There was no turning back now.

If there ever had been a place to turn around.