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Friday, January 8, 2010

Morgan chronicles

~Get on your knees,~ he said, tugging on the leash. There was a
hint of fear in his presence, and I knew he expected the other dragon
to fight. ~Start cleaning my wounds.~

I fell to my knees, eyes darting between Steven in his bonds, and the
big brawler staring at us. Dabbing at Rhaelgyr's hand, I tried to
avoid the barbs. ~With your mouth,~ he hissed.

Shivering, I opened my lips over one gouge. His blood filled my
mouth, overwhelming my senses. I groaned, eyes closing, clutching at
his wrist. Rhaelgyr trembled, growling in the back of my head. My
blood chilled, and my skin crawled. Pleasantly.

~He's approaching. Bite me, tear at me.~

My throat clenched, and I wanted to, desperately. But he still had
the leash in his hand, and I was too sober to want to cut myself on
it. Rhaelgyr felt my distress, and moved the barb wire. Turning his
bloody palm to me, I bit with relish.

Rhaelgyr gasped, and his aura pulsed. Everyone in the immediate
vicinity turned our way. I kept my eyes open as I sucked and bit at
the dragon, watching the rival draw nearer.

The other dragon had taken a mixed form. He was humanoid, with
recognizable features, but he was very draconic. Horns curled up from
his mane of hair, soft red scales covered his body, and a tail lashed
behind him. He had no wings, but he did have massive talons on his
feet, much shorter ones on his hands.

And his glassy red eyes were all for me.

I slowed down. My tongue trailed along every gouge, taking up the
dried blood. I bit savagely at one of the bigger wounds, pulling hard
on the skin, making Rhaelgyr growl again. Only those locked in place,
or too intent on their intercourse, weren't watching us.

Sharp nails slowly morphed and extended into sharp-tipped talons.
Without being told, I started felating his claws, taking his index
finger deep into my mouth. The dragon stiffened, growling at his
rival. Yet his attention was on me.

~He's not backing down. I'll need to mark you.~

My tongue flicked along the inside curve of the talon. ~"I don't
think anything will hurt too much right now.~

~I don't think I care.~ The dangerous edge was back, making me
realize how stupid this was. Playing around with a drugged and
aroused dragon was a sure means to get hurt.

~Stick your tongue out.~ As soon as I did, he sliced the tip. The
wound was shallow, but immediately stung blood welling slowly. The
red dragon was a few paces away, his own aura rubbing against
Rhaelgyr's. We were putting on a hell of show, attracting more and
more attention.

He pulled me to my feet by the leash, grabbing my ponytail. He
yanked me into a hard kiss, and I wilted. Rhaelgyr was growling
harder, sucking at my tongue, razor sharp teeth against my lips. His
tongue darted into my mouth, stiff and strange, and I liked it.

Rhaelgyr spun me around, pulling me against him. I faced the bigger
dragon, trembling at the breath stirring against my bare neck. The
leash dug into my arm, poking at the back of my corset. Rhaelgyr
finished winding it around me, pinning my arms.

~This will hurt,~ he warned, mouth bending to my left shoulder.
~You absolutely must scream.~

I stiffened as he opened his lips. That reptilian tongue stroked my
flesh, bringing my nerves to attention. Then he bit down with a
vicious growl.

A scream would have been impossible to withhold. It came sharp and
quick, echoing in the room. I sagged, and Rhaelgyr held me up,
increasing the bite. ~This makes you mine until the wound heals.~ Desire laced his words, and they eased my pain. My voice caught, and burning ache turned to rapturous tingle. ~That's just my venom. It might hurt again when I let go.~

I couldn't think, couldn't care. I wanted Rhaelgyr to ravage me, to
finish off what his bite was promising. Even as I wanted it, I hated
myself for being so loose; two men in one day wasn't my style.

Blood trickled down my chest, and I suddenly felt another mouth on me.
My eyes fluttered open, and I saw the big brawler lapping at my blood.