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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Morgan Chronicles

I drifted through Between. Proper Between; blank, empty. No colors,
no texture, purely nothing. It was relaxing. After everything I'd
just been through, nothingness was good.

What should I do? Go back and confront Steven, and eventually my
father? Find Rhaelgyr and see if he would help? Make my own way and
be damned to everyone?

Each was appealing, and each had its own advantages.

If I went back to confront Steven and my father, I might get my
memories hack. I'd definitely find out why I dreaded my father so
much. I really wanted to now what had hapened, and why Steven was
now a Chaos Lord.

But my memories had been taken for a reason.  Who's to say my father
wouldn't punish me the same way?  I could go back for answers, and end
up losing everything I'd gained so far.

I could always go back to Rhaelgyr. The dragon had been nice enough,
and had wanted to help me find Steven. He'd protected me, and tried
to show me a good time, and help me get free.

Although, he'd been cruel to me just before I left. That cruelty had
been to get me angry enough to awaken powers, but what if it wasn't?
Maybe now that I'd rescued Steven, Rhaelgyr wanted nothing to do with

There was always the option of making my own way. I could find a nice
realm to settle in, or set up rule in some Between pocket. I could
just travel around, looking for more adventures, or search for lore
and knowledge. I could even find a sect of humans to worship me as a

It could be good to be a goddess. Make myself a cozy little place,
teach a bunch of humans, and do nothing but laze around all day.
Every now and then show off, maybe smite someone, maybe bless someone.

Floating through gray void, that thought appealed to me. Between
stirred, respondimg to my whims. I could go wherever I wanted,
because there were no ties. No one had claim over me.

That seemed to be the most important part right now; doing my owm
thing. Losing my memories seemed to be a fresh start. I had no ties,
no history. My future was my own.

My heart lifted, and I saw my goal in sight. Smiling, I shifted
through dimensional walls.