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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Author-torial update

Here's an update of stuff I've been doing.

I started submitting AHB for reviews around the web.  A little intimidating.

Still running behind on keeping the Morgan Chronicles going.  Tempted to take a couple weeks off.

Going to do a guest blog very soon.  Check out in the meantime while I get my post up.

I got one of those great author moments.  I'd made the dedication to my book weeks ago, and I'd double checked with the old man that it was okay to use his name.  (I'm not telling.  Buy the book. 8D )  I told my step-brother/roommate/weird-shadow-twin that I put him in the dedication.  Then I completely forgot to tell my sister-in-law.

And it made her day when she opened up her copy and saw her name.  And it made my day, because I'd forgotten about it, and hadn't thought anything about it.  Great things.

Also, baby girl princess lizard has her name.  She approves and everything.  I don't know how to do the funny characters, but it's Xiaolong.  Or Xiaolung, depending on who's spelling.  But it's Mandarin for "young dragon".  Which is great for her.  She thinks she's a little dragon, and I've never met a lizard quite like that.

Makes me wonder what it would be like to meet Gustave the croc.