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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Morgan Chronicles

It was comfortable to be in his arms.  Even if I weren't drained and soul weary, I would be happy to stay here.  Bleeding and worn out wasn't the best way to be held by him, but it was a start.

A start with the man I'd just asked to be my boyfriend.

My eyes cracked open, and I stared up at him.  Long hair was damp with sweat, and it hung around his angular face.  He frowned in concentration, delicate brows drawn together.

I could certainly have done worse.  With a trembling right hand, I stroked his cheek.  Dark blue eyes opened, and he smiled wearily.  "How do you feel?"

"Much better, thank you."  I smiled in response, then glanced at my shoulder.  "How is it?"

He shrugged, tightening his grip on my shoulder.  "Not so great.  There might be runners left that could spring up again."  I met his gaze when it seemed he had more to say.

"What?" I had to prompt.

"I should be able to dig them out.  But as weak as you are, it's dangerous."  Rhaelgyr looked away, sighing softly.

"If we leave it, how hard will it be to get it out?"  I shifted, trying to sit up.

Rhaelgyr let me rise, but still wouldn't look at me.  "This hard or harder."

"Do it."

He snapped his head around, frowning.  "Morgan-"

"Do.  It."

Rhaelgyr nodded, reaching for me.  "I'll be able to suck it out of you, but I'll need to eat a lot of your energy."

I smiled.  "Doesn't sound so bad."

"You don't have much left.  I could end up eating all of you."  He laced his fingers in mine, pulling me back into his lap.  I straddled him, staring into his eyes, trembling with weakness.

There was a lot of pain in his eyes.  What had he done in his past that scarred him like this?  I stroked his hair, and smiled.  "I'm not scared.  If I die, at least it's at your hands."

His eyes closed, and he buried his face against my shoulder.  "Morgan, you torment me."

Wrapping arms around his head, I kissed his crown.  "Rhaelgyr, do not feel that way.  I trust you.  I can't explain it, but I know you're gentle, and you won't hurt me."

He growled under his breath.  "Dragons are not gentle."

I laughed, rubbing my cheek on his hair.  "You're gentle enough.  And you're not crazy.  And you've been kind to me.  And I like you.  You make me feel safe."

Rhaelgyr sighed, clutching at my back.  "If I kill you, know I had fun with you."

I tugged on his hair, pulling his head back.  A single tear stood on his cheek, and I leaned in to kiss it away.  Then I kissed his mouth.  Gently at first, then with increasing fervor.  "Don't kill me then."

The dragon tightened his grip on my back, kissing my mouth, my jaw, then my neck.  I shivered as he set his mouth against my collarbone.  His lips parted, and I cradled his head, waiting for whatever was to come.

Rhaelgyr started biting.  Gentle love bites first, tiny nibbles that felt good.  Then harder, making my gasp and stiffen.  My skin began to tingle, bringing to light just how weak I was.  I was low on energy, to the point I would pass out shortly.

And the dragon was going to feed and take even more from me.  Clutching his head, I was glad he was trustworthy.