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Friday, March 12, 2010

Morgan Chronicles

My blood began to heat as Rhaelgyr bit harder.  I tangled my hands in his hair, pressing my cheek against his head.  A low moan escaped me, and I trembled.

Energy shifted, catching me in wave after wave of vertigo.  Struggling to breathe, I submitted to Rhaelgyr.  He would save me, would protect me, and would get me through this.

For his part, the dragon was growling, hold me tight to him.  Teeth locked around my collarbone, and the pressure was unbelievable.  Rhaelgyr didn't break skin, yet I ached from the bite.  Nails dug into nerves, and his mouth pulled relentlessly on me.

~Morgan, you need to feed.~

My head spun, his pressure echoing through emptiness.  I was certain I'd never let myself get this low.  Even wounds couldn't drain this much energy from an Immortal.  I was an empty glass, and Rhaelgyr was trying to lap at the last few drops.  "I don't know how," came my groan.

Rhaelgyr's growl was frustrated, and rattled through my chest.  Fingers dug deeper into my back, making me writhe.  ~Do you Setians know nothing?~  Energy surged into me, hot and searing, setting every nerve alight.

My response was driven from my mind.  Taking the dragon's energy was like chugging boiling water.  It quenched my thirst, filled me up, but it hurt everything it touched.  But it was delicious, and I couldn't stop myself from taking more.

He groaned inside my mind.  ~Oh, my hungry girl, you are so greedy.~  Draconic energy stopped burning as my body adjusted, and I wanted more.  Rhaelgyr stiffened, pausing in his task as I tried to actively feed.  ~And a quick study.~

The dragon bit again, harder, breaking skin.  His teeth sank nearly to the bone, making me cry out, my nails digging into his scalp.  It didn't hurt like before, and actually felt good.  Groaning, I writhed in his lap.  Rhaelgyr shivered, drawing harder as he penetrated me with his lifeforce.

Something slid loose inside me.  It itched and burned, making my skin crawl.  I shuddered with revulsion, losing the pleasure of Rhaelgyr's touch.  ~This is the last of the parasite.~  Even with him inside my head, I couldn't make out the emotion in his voice.

~Thank you so much,~ I whispered mentally.  Sagging in his arms, relief passed through me.  The last vestige of the parasite left, and I felt better than I had in a while.  How hadn't I noticed the little passenger on my soul?

Rhaelgyr broke the bite to lap at the wound.  "You wear my mark again."

His whisper sent shivers through me.  Taking a shuddering breath, I pulled his head back by his hair.  The dragon's eyes sparkled, but were nearly black.  The whites were turning blue, his skin changing texture.  His lips were stained with blood.

My blood.

Rhaelgyr met my kiss.  Our lips melded like we'd been kissing each other for years.  We breathed as one, moved as one.  I opened my mouth, and his tongue was instantly there.  I moaned, and he inhaled the sound.

This was different from the dryad's club, different from being with Kurlog.  There was no intoxication pushing me into an encounter.  Rhaelgyr and I wanted each other, and given some time, we would consummate this attraction.

One of his hands slipped to my waist, pulling me against his erection, and I thought that time was now.  I was panting when Rhaelgyr broke the kiss to lick my shoulder.  "You should rest," he whispered.

But I had a considerate boyfriend.  One who wouldn't push me past my limits.  I smiled and nodded, putting aside lust.