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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Morgan Chronicles

Neither of us moved.  Rhaelgyr stroked my hair, stirring borrowed energy, and I gazed into his lovely eyes.  The whites were still blue, but his skin had lost its texture.  Stroking his cheek, I wondered what he would feel like scaly.  Would be be rough, or smooth, or sticky, or cold?

My thoughts were running wild, random and borderline incoherent.  Whimsical cravings came out, each replacing the previous.  I wanted to kiss him again, then I wanted to hunt, then the need to sing rose, then sleep wanted me.

"Let's get some rest," he said, hands going to my hips.  He helped me to stand, then rose beside me.  Magic moved around us, stirring my nerves, and I gasped.  A million needles pricked my skin at once, and it felt wonderful.  Rhaelgyr must have sensed it, for he pulled me close and held me steady.  "It will help you stabilize."

I nodded, laying my head against his shoulder.  From the corner of my eye I watched obsidian shift and rise, reconfiguring itself into a four-post bed with heavy curtains.  It looked comfy, and soft, and I couldn't wait to be in it.

The dragon lead me over, keeping an arm around me.  He set me on the edge of the bed, holding my hand.  "Do you want to change clothes?"

I was still in Steven's silk affair.  The blue was now stained with blood, and the smell of smoke lingered in the fabric.  I tugged at the top, nodding vigorously.

He summoned clothes for me; underwear and a black dressing gown with a thick robe.  Rhaelgyr stepped away as I began undressing.  "I'll get you something to eat."  A bowl of water appeared on a stand near the bed.  Chaos certainly had its uses.

I was left alone to change and wash up.  A long bath would have been nice, but the bed was still calling me.  It was huge, with overstuffed pillows and a thick comforter.  Something was familiar about it, which could mean it was my childhood bed.  I didn't care right now.

By the time Rhaelgyr returned, I was cleaned up and changed.  The dressing gown felt like suede, and it gave off a musky scent every time I moved.  I left the robe on the bed, and did a little spin as the dragon appeared.  "You have excellent tastes in clothes."

He was carrying a covered tray, warm scents wafting from it.  "You don't wear enough leather."  A toss of his head indicated I should get into bed.  "Leather is very beautiful."

The bed was even softer than it looked.  I sank into a wealth of down, suede sheets whispering as I moved.  "Is everything made from dead animal?"  I smiled to show him I was teasing.  Shoving pillows around, I made a soft nest against the headboard.

Rhaelgyr chuckled, setting the tray in my lap.  "The wood is from dead trees."  He pulled the lid away to reveal steak and bread.  The steak was already cut up, steaming in its own juices.  Picking up my fork, I began eating ravenously.

The dragon watched me, and I questioned him around a mouth full of meat.  "What?"

A slow smile spread across his face, and he sat on the foot of the bed.  "I'm still a little out of it.  I haven't worked that much energy in a long time."

"Why not?"

Rhaelgyr sighed, looking toward the entrance.  "Exiles aren't asked to heal very often."

His sadness stirred my heart.  I set the tray aside and crawled to his side.  Wrapping arms around his chest, I rested my head against his shoulder.  "What did you do that was worth being exiled for?"

"I exiled myself," was his soft reply.

I persisted.  "Why would you do that."

"Because I killed my soulmate."