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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Rakka Takka

Did I mention a spiffy band a WoW guildmate pointed out to me?  Van Canto is an absolute must to listen to if you like metal.  If you like power minstrel sounds, you might like them too.  If you're impressed by the awesome things that can be done with the human voice, you should go check them out.

Pretty much, I love them so much, I think everyone should listen to them

Their new album is AWESOME.  It's wonderful, in all the ways music should be wonderful.

To help ease into the joy that is Van Canto, may I recommend their newest cover: Master of Puppets.  All eight and a half minutes of it.  No pussying out and shortening it.

I want to get one of their shirts for my old man for his birthday.  He's always a capellad songs.  Mostly to fuck with me, and mostly with the Hamster Dance noises.  Dee dow dow drives me goddamn nuts.  So, he appreciates their tasty a capella riffs.  I appreciate the beauty of their voices.

And the shirt says "rakka takka mother fuckers".  You really can't go wrong with that.