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Friday, April 16, 2010

Morgan Chronicles

I don't know why I immediately feared for Faelgyr.  The dragon had taken a tall form, a head taller than his opponent.  Though not as muscled as the Galdonian, Faelgyr was powerful beneath his leather armor.  His gray hair was cut short, though lifted into a mohawk.  His nose was broken, and a scar gleamed across his cheeks.

Galdon, as good a name as any, drew his sword and waited.  Faelgyr grinned, summoning a sword from the aether.  They began circling then, slowly drawing closer.  The rest of the clan remained quiet, hovering, merely watching.

Taking Faelgyr's place was a juvenile dragon.  I frowned, recognizing Rhaelgyr.  ~Why isn't this memory from your point of view?~

He chuckled.  ~Because I'm not exactly sharing the actual memory.~

I had to prompt him to continue.  ~So what is it?~

~This is more like how a bard works.  I'm telling you a story, forming it in my mind, and sharing it with you.~

~Is it made up?~  I let my attention wander from the warriors who still hadn't joined.

~Not exactly.  I'm using clan memories for the places I wasn't.~

~That's really neat.~

~It has its uses,~ he said with a grin.

Galdon swung, a light attack to test Faelgyr's guard.  The dragon blocked easily, returning the strike.  They continued testing each other, exchanging light blows, shifting their weight, still circling.  Dragons waited with bated breath.

Faelgyr lunged, the hunter dodged, and the dragon twisted to follow up.  Blood was drawn, and the battle was properly joined.

The hunter swung, sword arcing down.  Faelgyr blocked, stepping back as the hunter rained blow after blow upon him.  The dragon growled, blocking another overhead strike.  Faelgyr forced the other's sword up, and barreled forward to slam into the Galdonian.

With a laugh, Faelgyr went on the offensive.  He jabbed and slashed, driving Galdon back.  Metal sparked and clashed, Faelgyr laughing or growling with every blow.

They wove and darted around the platform.  Dragons hovered, and humans watched from behind the fire barrier.  The purple moon rose above a jagged horizon, making everything glow.

Galdon ducked, slashing at Faelgyr's legs.  The dragon was committed to his move, and suffered a deep slash.  The clan hissed as the smell of hot blood filled the air.

Faelgyr stumbled, eyes wide with shock.  He blocked another blow, but not the follow up.  Blood blossomed again, gushing from the dragon's arm.  Someone crooned, but no one moved to attack.

The hunter lifted his sword for a brutal attack, and Faelgyr rolled forward.  He was breathing hard, straining to get to his feet.  Galdon hounded him relentlessly, hacking and kicking, determined to finish the war leader.

It was inevitable, but I stiffened nonetheless.  Rhaelgyr comforted me, but had nothing to say as Faelgyr was hunted.  Galdon bore down on the dragon, and slid his sword effortlessly into the old elf's chest.

Roars sounded, but none moved.  ~Why don't they attack?~ I asked, outraged and saddened.

~Because we have our honor and pride.~

Young Rhaelgyr stepped forward, shifting to elven form.  He looked like a youthful version of the person I knew, but I really should have known that.

"I'll face you."