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Friday, April 30, 2010

Morgan Chronicles

An adventure, to discover my past, with my friend the dragon.  I couldn't help but smile as my spirit lifted.  Knowing someone else wanted to help me, would support me, and wanted to be with me made me happy.

We slid out of bed, Rhaelgyr conjuring us new clothes.  He chose an outfit life before; vest of suede, poofy sleeved shirt, suede pants, and knee-high leather boots.  The dragons tied his hair back as I made my selection.

He'd brought up a variety of clothes.  Each outfit hung on a rack, on display for me.  Silk top and billowy shirt.  Leather corset and pants.  Cotton shirt and jeans.  Vest and pants just like the dragon.

It was just clothes, but it seemed somewhat important.  If I dressed like Rhaelgyr, it was like I was declaring us a couple.  Picking Steven's outfit gave that crazy man a hold on me.

Why didn't Rhaelgyr have anything that I hadn't already worn before?

I needed something different, something nobody had picked for me before.  This was my journey of discovery, and I wanted something strictly my own.  But what was it I wanted?

What was it I wanted to be?

I'd already decided I wanted to be free of everyone else.  I wanted to be my own person, make my own way.  I wanted to just explore for a while.  Kind of like a self-imposed exile, but without the lost soulmate.  Maybe a life of adventure, or helping people, or just amusing myself.

Adventure appealed to me, as it had before.  Follow the flows of the universe, go wherever chance took me.  I gravitated to a poofy shirt, and the denim jeans.  Short boots and an open vest completed it.  Practical underwear fir me tight, and Rhaelgyr watched as I dressed.

Facing him, I held my arms out, on display.  "What do you think?"

The dragon raised one brow.  "Nice collection of colors."

I was like a peacock.  A color blind peacock.  Chewing my lip, I concentrated on making everything match.

Magic moved in me.  Different that Chaos magic, this was stiff and stately.  Something clicked in my head, and I moaned softly.  The whole room felt like it shifted, and Rhaelgyr gave a surprised cry.

Opening my eyes with a smile, I glanced down.  Head to toe, I was dressed in mist gray.  Even my hair had gone silvery.

"Morgan the Gray, indeed," Rhaelgyr muttered.

"Now I'm ready."