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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Morgan Chronicles

He rose, raching for me.  "Where to first?"

"Back to that little stretch of Between," I said, giving him my hand.  "That seems to be the last place I had it."

Rhaelgyr worked on teleporting us, using Chaos magic to open dimensional walls.  Instead of raising my hackles, the magic felt good.  I could almost touch the power with my mind, and I longed to do so.  Relaxing in his arms, I opened my senses.

Power ebbed and flowed all around us.  Different energies mingled, stirring each other.  Heat and cold fluctuated.  Light and dark created shadows and highlights.

And all of it was right at my fingertips, begging me to use it.

I was a magic user.  One of the few mages amongst my people.  Setians were lore-keepers, philosophers, and many other pursuits that allowed them to observe the universe.  They knew about magic, and its uses, and the many classes of energy manipulation.

But they didn't do it, because it involved being active.

Setians were impartial, chronicling the passing of the universe.  Watching was more fun than doing.

Nuzzling closer to Rhaelgyr, I knew I'd been different.  Neutrality wasn't for me.  I had needed to get out and do something.

Like raise Steven to immortality.

Magic dissolved, revealing the Between city.  No flames burned, though scorch marks covered everything.  The sidewalk had shattered under the heat, the road bubbled and warped.  "I've never seen dragon fire damage firsthand."

Rhaelgyr grinned, teeth sparkling.  "This was nothing.  I could have melted the buildings if I tried."

"Scary," I murmured, looking around.  This was the spot where I'd first seen Rhaelgyr, where I'd met the humans, and Kurlog had attacked the dragon.  This was the last place I'd had my necklace.

I hadn't done anything to lose it, though.  I'd fallen, sure, but nothing major.  Nothing had caught at me, I hadn't snagged anything.  So where had it gone?

"It was here," Rhaelgyr said, touching my side.  "It's leaving a trace in the air."

I opened my senses, newly aware of magical energy.  Seemed magic ability had been locked away with my memories.  Was enlightening Steven such a horrible crime I had to be punished and stripped of my powers?

Finding the necklace might give me the answers to that.

Rhaelgyr was right; there was a silver path in my mind's eye.  A path left by the necklace.  Drawing a deep breath, I followed it down the alley, exiting on the next street over.  This was where I'd met Tessa.  Seemed like a lifetime ago.

This was also where Id parted ways with my necklace.  I'd turned one way with the human, but the silver trail moved the opposite direction.

I frowned, Rhaelgyr facing the direction of the trail.  "Nothing happened here.  My necklace didn't just get up and leave on its own."

The dragon took a step into the street.  "Apparently it did."