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Friday, May 28, 2010

Morgan Chronicles

"When the necklace returned, and you weren't with it, I was worried."  Besedie seemed oblivious to the approach of the Chaos pair.  I could feel them now, like a cold breeze across the back of my neck.  "I could tell you'd been busy."

Rhaelgyr shot to his feet, laying a hand on my shoulder.  "We have to go."  The pit of my stomach dropped; Steven and Kurlog were closer than I'd realized.

Besedie looked at me, frowning.  "Still doing what others want?"

I stiffened, glaring at him.  "Instead of doing what you want?"  There had been fights about this, even before Steven came along.  The indulgent father he tried to portray was a lie; he was only kind so long as I was exactly what he wanted.

My father rose.  The room was growing cold, and his breath puffed as he spoke.  "Your head was filled with so many false ideas.  Damn your mother for putting them there."

Rhaelgyr took my arm, pulling me to my feet.  ~Now, Morgan.~  Besedie stepped forward, reaching for me.  The dragon growled, putting himself in front of my father.  "We're leaving."

Besedie laughed, eyes dangerous as he faced off with Rhaelgyr.  "Pathetic elf.  You're barely a race.  Former slaves and scum.  Setians have always been superior.  Now take your hands off my daughter."

The air whispered with magic, Chaos and Order rubbing against each other.  My breath was thick in my chest, my vision dimming as the pressure increased.  "He's not an elf, Daddy."

"What?"  My father's frown was sharp when he looked my way.

"He's a dragon."  Rhaelgyr chuckled, pulling his shoulders back.  We'd taken Besedie by surprise.  "And now we're leaving."  I wrapped myself around Rhaelgyr's torso, flaunting our relationship.

The dragon summoned magic, opening dimensional walls.  I groaned in pain as the power built.  Rhaelgyr stiffened, straining with the effort of teleportation.  "They're too close," he whispered.

Besedie laughed, slowly applauding.  "Good effort.  But my associate will be here shortly.  You should settle in and wait."

Rhaelgyr lunged, slashing at Besedie with black talons.  Blood flew, my father's cheek laid open.  The dragon pushed the attack, driving the elder Setian back.

My headache grew, barely allowing me to stand.  Psychic senses picked up the sound of Kurlog's laughter.  Steven was with him, but I was sure the young Chaos Lord was unconscious.

A broad shouldered guard stepped into the library, holding an arcing baton.  Rhaelgyr was intent on assaulting Besedie, and didn't notice.  I tried to warn him, but only a weak gurgle came out.  I couldn't even move as the guard struck the dragon, driving him to his knees.

Besedie wiped the blood from his face.  His hair was in disarray, his robes torn.  Rhaelgyr was growling, trying to rise, and the guard hit him again.  "Uncouth beast.  Worse than an eld."  My father spat on my lover, walking past.

"Now, my child, shall we get to business?"  Besedie touched my face as Kurlog appeared, throwing Steven's limp body to the floor.