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Sunday, June 20, 2010

The finger and stuff

Oh, so owie.  Swollen, and crunchy, and achy.  Could be worse.

I'm healing well though.  No permanent damage.  Just looks really ugly, and I'm having a hard time using a pen.  Though I'm having an okay time typing, so Morgan will be back Tuesday.

Also watched CopOut.  Pretty decent.  Definitely funny.  And Bruce Willis is still a very good looking man.

I can't look at pictures of the oil spill.  Just thinking about all the dead animals makes me sad.  I remember when the Valdez crashed, and wanting to go clean up all the little animals.  I kinda have the same desire here.  Though, I also want to kill irresponsible assholes.

So far, not a lot coming up.  Time goes, and time does.