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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Morgan Chronicles

Elven Rhaelgyr sat in the lair, part of the memory.  Dragon Rhaelgyr was working on Falyra.  The female dragon looked horrible, wasted away.  Even if I didn't know the outcome, I'd know she was dying.

~You can't stay.~  I tugged on his arm, trying to keep him from looking at Falyra.  ~We need you.~

~She was so beautiful,~ he murmured as his memory self nuzzled his love, draping a wing across her.  ~They're disease ruined her, made her body devour itself.~  Falyra whimpered, eyes closed, and I wondered how she endured it.

If there were time, I'd comfort Rhaelgyr through this maudlin introspection.  ~We've got to go.  Now.~  I began digging nails into his arm.  ~I'll make this all up to you somehow.~

~There's no way to.~  His voice dropped, his spirit form losing shape.  He was letting his own persona fade.  This was too dangerous.

I stepped between Rhaelgyr and Falyra.  His form partially strengthened, though he didn't look up at me.  ~Do you think you can save her?~  He shook his head, eyes filling with tears.  ~Then why linger here?~

~Where else should I be?~

I cocked an eyebrow, glaring, projecting all my emotions at him.  Fear, and anger, and frustration, and friendship, and joy, and contentment with him.  It was all there, hammering at his shell of sorrow.  ~With your friend.  Helping her.  Because she's still alive.~

Rhaelgyr looked up, brows drawn together, tears spilling from midnight eyes.  The weight of his tragedy was crushing him, brought out by my father's weapon.  For all his strength, he couldn't break free.

Not on his own.

~Falyra is dead.  Now man up, and fight Kurlog.~

The jibe had its intended affect.  The memory paused around us, and Rhaelgyr rose to his feet.  The tears dried, his lips slowly curling into a snarl.  ~Watch your tongue, Setian.~

~What are you going to do about it?  Whining and moping won't drive me off.  Unless you're hoping to bore me to death.~  I cocked a hip, crossing my arms, trying to keep my sudden fear to myself.

The memory faded entirely, replaced with the resounding echo of his growl.  Rhaelgyr was breaking free of this trap, edging me back into my body as his presence swelled.  His rage grew, like a boiling tide, stinging my mind.

Coming back to my body, I collapsed, wracked by vertigo.  I wasn't in control of my body yet, and my limbs felt distant.  Groaning, I focused on regaining control.

Rhaelgyr continued growling, building to a roar.  I opened my eyes just in time to see him prepare a gout of flame.

I needed to move.  Now.