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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Saturday updates

Pill Hill Press has a bunch of open anthologies right now.  I submitted a story for the Fem Fangs anthology, and I got in.  Woot!  I'm so excited.  The fresh feeling of getting accepted is making me bobbleheaded again.

Look for that in late October.

We're also raising a great-tailed grackle.  She fell out of her tree in my friend's backyard, so we're just keeping her until she's able to take care of herself.  Then we'll take her to the park with the duck pond, and the other grackles, and the lack of cats.  She's precious.

As sad as it is to not be writing Morgan anymore, I've been able to give much more effort to my Nomycha WIP.  It's looking to be my first self-published piece.  Just don't know when I'll have it completely done.  I'm approaching 2/3 done.

I love the new Starcraft trailer.  It's so very cinematic.  Would make a great movie.  Unfortunately I have to wait for it all to be out before I can go through the story.  Battlenet just doesn't have that strong an appeal to me.