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Monday, August 9, 2010

Movie updates

A handful of movies to talk about here.

First is Martyrs.  I'd heard people at work kinda ranting and raving about it, and "omg, have you seen it yet?"  I ignored it for a while, and finally watched it last week.  I was thoroughly not impressed.

It starts off as a revenge slaughter, and was fairly unimaginative as that.  But it was gory, and the girls were crazy and kind of in love, and that was fine.  Then the secret agents arrive, and the movie takes a bit of a twist.  But when it takes that twist, it slows down, and drags, and just starts sucking.  it wasn't horrific, or shocking, or demented.  It just ran on and on and on, and reminded me how bad zealots are.

And the ending didn't even redeem it.

Then there was The Human Centipede.  I knew it was bad, but everything about it was kind of surprising.  The production value was fairly high, and the acting was decent, once the bimbos shut their mouths.  Because the production value was higher, when the movie took itself serious, it wasn't hokey.

And it was horrific and repulsive.  It did its job.  I mean, days later, my fiance quoted a scene, and I shook and shuddered again out of revulsion.  So, in that fact, it was a good movie.  Because it did what Martyrs couldn't.

Watched something called In The Loop.  When it was recommended by coworkers as "really funny", they didn't say anything else about it, other than that it was British.

It was quite funny.  It was a bit satirical, and a bit biting, with a long look at politics, and how things are swung to get what you want.  In that, it was scary.  But very enjoyable to watch.

The House of the Devil (or something along those lines) was crappy and good at the same time.  It was long, and boring, and not very surprising, and rather dull.  But it was good, because it was trying to be some early 80s horror/suspense movie, and it came across as it.  If you didn't know it had a 2009 release date, you'd have guessed 1985.

I just don't know why anyone would want to do that.  Or maybe it's just marked 2009, and it really isn't.  Who knows?  It doesn't make it suck any less.