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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Big autographed giveaway

Yes, autographed copies.  Pretty neat, huh?

There will be three books total, and three winners.  Autographed copies of All Hallows Blood, stories with bite o,.,o, and Fem-Fangs.

Deadline is this Halloween.  Drawing will be held Monday the 1st, some time after I wake from my anniversary.  If you've already won an ebook in one of the earlier drawings, you will not be disqualified from the physical copies.  I'm not going to be that mean, or anything.  We can always pick someone else to give it to.

  • Five entries for being or becoming a follower here.
  • Five entries for following me on Twitter.
  • Three entries for recommending someone else follow (they have to post a comment you sent them), here or on Twitter.
  • Two entries for being a fan of my Facebook page.
  • Three entries for a blog post about the giveaway.
  • Five entries if you host me for a guest blog.
  • One entry for every Tweet (though I discourage you from becoming a nuisance ;) )