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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Is blood sexy?

I wrote a guest post for Romance in the Backseat about if blood was sexy or not.  Hasn't been posted yet.

But while I'm waiting to finish fixing my computer (rotten hard drive), I thought I'd post the question here?

Is blood sexy?  And why, or why not?

For the record, I most affirmatively say yes.


  1. Sorry Raven. Not for me. I see blood and I immediately feel sick. Nothing sexy about it.

  2. It's funny how perceptions change over time. I think blood has become sexier or at least more tolerable in the last ten years, and I'm not sure that it's blood itself that's sexy, as much as the idea that it represents.

  3. Margaret: One of my friends is the same way. Had another that would actually faint if he saw it.

    Lisa: I don't know if it's just in the last ten years. I think it's become, perhaps, more talked about in open society, but I'm fairly certain blood has been sexier longer than that.

  4. I'm following your blog:)

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  5. I've just recently made the discovery of the sexiness of blood. My current WIP has scenes where my shape-shifting demon succubus is in an intimate situation with a man as he shifts into wolf (werewolf) form. Their union becomes somewhat animalistic with some biting about the neck and shoulders along with some snapping and clawing. All this leads to some spotting of blood, although it heals quickly.

    After writing these scenes, I began to realize how one might consider blood sexy. In my story, the two protagonists experienced the ultimate fantasy of losing all inhibitions, giving into animal lust. I think it also represents (as in vampire themes) the thought of giving oneself wholly to another, including the life-force of blood.

    Now that's sexy. Although I still have reservations on the sight of blood in the real world.

  6. JL: Losing oneself is a big part of it. Being dependent on another, sharing your life, is also very sexy.


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