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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Who wants a tiger that doesn't hunt?

This came up in conversation with my sister-in-law the other night.  (Right after she read Talina's excellent review of my book.  She squeed so hard for me, and I couldn't stop smiling.)  We were talking about the fact that everyone likes Varick.  And she asked who wouldn't like him?

My first answer was fairly smart assed.  "Super sensitive anti-racists who would be bothered by him being German and me saying Aryan."  Because, honestly, that was one tiny fear I had when making him German.  There aren't a lot of German vampires out there, and I wanted to help break a mold, while calling on my own heritage.  I also didn't want anyone to ever think of him as a Nazi, but I tucked that little fear aside.  So far, no accusations of that.

My second, more serious answer: "Women who like the monster seeking redemption, the vampire who wants to be human again."  I know these type of vampire fans are out there.  They don't want a monster, they want someone they can fix.  And that's all well and good.  Sometimes it's good to heal someone, to let your love fix them.

I just don't think vampirism is something that needs to be fixed.

So while we were talking about saving the monster, I stated "Who wants a tiger that doesn't hunt?"  I repeatedly compare Varick to a tiger in the book(s).  (I love tigers.  So huge, so sexy, so powerful.  They fit the image of perfect predator to me more than wolf.  Especially for a single predator.)  I thought she'd get it, and realize I was making it up.

Instead, I had my Confucious hat on, because she thought I was quoting a real proverb.  Maybe I should make it into some kind of viral proverb.  Get other people to say it.  Make it a tag line.

But, seriously, who wants a predator that isn't a predator?  It's like wanting a bad boy to start wearing cardigans and going to pottery classes.  I love vampires because they are vicious and dark and might eat me.

Of course, I have a touch of a victim complex.