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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Finally married

I've never hidden that I'm in love, that I have a fiance who loves me very much. Soulmates. Twelve years together now, and no signs of ever stopping.

Well, today, after twelve years, we're finally married. Husband and wife. Mrs. Carluk.

*does a tiny little dance*

It's not that big a change. It's not like we're only now having sex, or living together, or like I'm suddenly going to turn into a housewife.

And yet it is different. I get to say husband now. He gets to say wife. It's like Raven is becoming all grown up, or something.

*giggles* Yeah right.


  1. What happy news! Congratulations to you both. *pops cork*

  2. Congratulations!I hope the best for you two!

  3. Blogging on your honeymoon. I can't think of a better way to celebrate.. Congratulations.

  4. What wonderful news! Much congratulations!!! I guess I'll see the difference too when I finally take the plunge from engaged to married. Best wishes.

  5. What fabulous news, Mrs. Carluk! I married my husband after many years together so I know the 'feeling' you speak of. Warm Wishes and here's to many many years of blissful marriage!

  6. Congratulations Raven! I wish you much continued happiness.

  7. *blushes and giggles and grins* Thank you all, so very much. Getting to say husband is so new and different. And seeing wife next to my name on his job's silly, but it's great.

    We haven't decided which anniversary to call it next year. To be 13, or to be 1.

  8. Well congratulations, Raven. You just made my evening better. It makes me happy to know how happy you must be right now. I wish you many fulfilling years together. I gain much strength from my partner in marriage, and don't we all need a little strength and support in this life?

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today and making me laugh with you comment.

  9. Thank you for the well wishes. Strength is very important, and I've got the one who will protect me when I need it.

    Glad I could make you laugh.


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