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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Guest post - Vampire Wire

I'm over at Marta Acosta's Vampire Wire today, being slightly less than my serious self.  I've got an open letter to all the big bad vampire men out there.

Funny anecdote before you head over there.  The night Marta posted about guest bloggers, I sent her a witty and clever email to try and get on there.  She said be funny, and wanted her attention.  And it beats the standard "can I come guest blog?" emails.

Next day, she asks why people haven't read her books yet.  I answered because I'm too broke (or you can read that cheap) to try books outside my normal genres.  Comedy or quirky books fall outside my regular tastes, so I haven't tried Casa Dracula yet.  (That's changing.  Have Happy Hour right now)

As Marta pointed out, it's rather a cognitive dissonance that I would use humor to get the attention of a humorous author when I don't read humor.  Full of contradictions I am.

And easily amused by my behavior.