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Friday, October 8, 2010

Guest spots around the web

The next couple weeks are actually pretty busy for appearances for me.

Today, I am at the Frazzle Book Nommer.  *nom nom nom*  Kristina's pretty cool stuff.

October 19th there will be a giveaway spotlight at Happily Ever After Reviews.  And again for a Halloween event on the 27th.

My publisher is doing another event at Bitten By Books, and I'm sending in a character blog.  Chances to win books!

For the writerly types, I'm at the Muse Conference next week, and a guest blog for the Future, Fantasy, & Paranormal chapter of the RWA.  I forget what day that is, though.  Ugh for planning something six months ago.

Going to send out a slew of review requests shortly, so there will be more listed guest posts.  Wish me luck.