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Thursday, October 28, 2010

An interesting week

The last week has been interesting, and the upcoming week is only going to get more interesting. I won't be live this weekend, though I've got posts scheduled. (I love that aspect) So much to do, and I'm kinda running in circles as I do them.

Work's been a stress, but when is the day job NOT a stressful thing? It's been taking my mind from my writing, so I've been reading. LOVE that Kindle is on the Android.

I've done more reading in the last ten days than I really have for most of the last ten months. Sad, really. Though, now that I'm really focused on writing, I find myself a lot more critical of writing. Unless I get really invested in a book, I end up spending most of my reading time editing the book, and figuring out how I would make it better. It's quite distracting.

Having fun on Twitter. The writing hashtags I've found have been inspiring me to write more shorts. This is good, because I nearly exhausted my cache with stories with bite o,.,o. Building back up is good. And it's a challenge to do things like ten words stories, or just tell a quick story in just a Tweet.

And I never thought I'd become a Tweep. Boy, how times change.

One of my friends decided he wanted to write a novel, and turn his comic ideas into a book. So I've kind of got a writing protege. It's scary and neat at the same time.