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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Movie time, Including Piranhas

Ahhh, the movies.  I can learn so much from them.

Like when I watched Sharktopus.  Other than punishing myself, it was a clear demonstration of what NOT to do in a monster story.  There was nothing redeeming in the movie, other than picking up some pointers on how to do better.

But then there's Piranhas 3d.  Even in 2d, it was still enjoyable, and you could see all the pop-out moments where it was supposed to be just fun.  And it was fun, in a real gorgy.  (Gore + Orgy = Gorgy)  The plot was the barest excuse to keep the murders coming, and the science was questionable, but not so completely outrageous as to ruin the rest of the fun.  It was a riot, but only to those of my sort of twisted mindset.

They Live is being remade, and I'm not sure how I feel about that.  It's so classically bad, that I don't know if anyone can pull off redoing it.

When I heard about They Live, I also heard The Thing was being remade.  I was trying to be neutral, because John Carpenter's Thing is my one of my favorite movies.  Classic, awesome, and the image of the dog's head blossoming stayed with me since I was teeny tiny and first saw it. 

Before I could get upset with the prospect, I found out it's actually going to be a prequel.  It's going to be a movie about what happened at the Norwegian camp when they first found the beast.  And I got excited.  Because that will be awesome.  In a brief article about the director and writer, they sound like real fans, so my hopes are high.