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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mackey the wonder cat

I love my cat.  I have a wonderful cat.  My last one was very magical, and a great familiar.  This one was never meant to be a familiar, but he's slowly worked his way into that position.

He's still got a lot of kitten aspects, and he mews and whines more than actually meows.  It's charming, and he's a chatterbox.  Except when he won't explain what he's whining about.

One of his more charming aspects comes about at winter time.  We've had a long fall, so it really only got cold in the last week.  I always shower before bed, and sleep on a towel to let it dry.  In the winter, Mackey sleeps on my hair to help me dry.  Only during the winter, and only until it's dry.  It's so cute.

The other neat thing about him lately is the ferrets.  He's always been a little confused about Temerity, the first ferret.  She smells fluffy, and she moves fast, but she's definitely not a rodent.  So she's not for eating, but she's not quite for playing.  He plays with her sometimes, but is wary.  There's a new little boy ferret, and Mackey is in love.  They play, and get along, and the cat is so gentle with him.

It's precious.  I love my cat.