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Friday, December 10, 2010

#FridayFlash Karl the wulfen 6

Karl stared at the gun, panting and snarling.  Magazine's aim was steady, muzzle directly between the wulfen's eyes.  Karl would have the narrowest margin to escape death.

Magazine blinked, and Karl took his chance.  He dodged left, batting the gun to the right.  Wulfen were agile and fast, and Karl was no exception.  The gun barked, heat singeing fur, the muzzle flare temporarily blinding him.  He'd managed to escape unharmed.

Then Karl felt the blood and pain.

His opponent tried to bring the gun around, and Karl swiped at his arms.  Magazine tumbled off the counter, firing again, and hit the ground hard.  Karl followed the human, aware of the blood spurting from Magazine's arm.  Even if the wulfen didn't finish him, Magazine was done for.

Not that Karl ever left a wounded enemy behind.

Magazine got off one more shot as Karl landed.  The silver bullet tore a furrow in his calf, the pain searing every nerve.  Roaring, the wulfen clamped jaws onto Magazine's head, crunching down.  Blood spurted, and bone chips scratched his gums.  Karl shook his head, tearing the dead man's skull free.

He roared and called out his triumph, claws gouging the floor.  Four more dead humans.  It wasn't enough to avenge his clan, but it was a start.

Elation ended in a rush of agony and fever.  Adrenaline had kept the silver poisoning at bay, allowed him to finish his task, but the fight was over.  Grunting, shaking, Karl managed to pull the Bowie knife from his side.  Blood gushed, but he felt a moment of relief.

The poisoning wasn't bad yet.  None of the deadly metal remained in his flesh, meaning he would start healing if he could rest.  A store full of dead hunters was not the most secure place.  Vision swimming as his fever increased, Karl left, racing across the countryside.

He was on his last legs when Jenny opened her back door.  Whining once, Karl collapsed in her arms.