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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Praise for We Are Not Alone

I don't normally talk about the writing craft here.  I figure my blog is for friends and potential readers and fans.  There are plenty of other blogs out there that can teach you all about writing.

But Kristen Lamb's book We Are Not Alone made such an impression on me last night, that I've got to talk about it.

I've been following her blog for a while, trying to figure out other ways to build my author platform.  For those who aren't aware,  I really struggled with the idea of marketing and selling my book when I first got signed.  Everything was overwhelming, and a reality check, and it led to some very unhappy stressful times.

If I'd had WANA last year, I could have saved my family and myself a lot of stress.

Lots of people say go get a Twitter account, go get MySpace and Facebook, and all these other social networks, but no one ever says what to do with the accounts.  I've expressed frustration before that there seems to be a missing step, that having these accounts won't magically find you friends and readers.

Granted, Kristen doesn't tell you exactly what to do with your accounts, but she explains their uses, and how to set them up, and the kinds of things you need to do to build a platform.  She helps you get the tools you need to build the platform, and gets you started.  No one can do the actual building for you, but she gets you started.

So if you're looking to improve your social networking skills, or you're just starting out, or you know someone who could use the advice, go pick up We Are Not Alone.  Kristen's advice and humor and well done instructions will take the stress away, and will make it so you can focus on writing.

Bonus, she's a friendly person, and will talk to you.  She's not on a pedastel or anything, and that's great.  I've had a few exchanges with her on Twitter, and she always makes me laugh.