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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Book reviews - HP Mallory and Inner Demons

Inner Demons by Sarra Cannon was very awesome, and a great follow up to Beautiful Demons.  Questions were answered, only to be replaced by more questions.  I'm very intrigued, and waiting for the next part.  Sarra's created a fun world full of darkness that really captivates.  A must read.

This will seem totally unfair, but I'm going to spend more time on Mallory's books.  I LOVE Sarra's series, and I want to see her very successful, but I have a hard time saying more than, "This is great, check it out."  I shall remedy this after the third book.

Finished both Fire Burn & Cauldron Bubble and Toil & Trouble by HP Mallory.  I loved the worlds that were created, and the breadth of characters.  The narration was great, in a style that was friendly and light without being just chatty and an anecdote.  Sinjin was awesome, though it should be no surprise that I prefer a vampire character.

*possible spoilers*

I do have a couple tiny quibbles, though.  Mostly with the second book, Toil & Trouble, and how it ended.  I had no problems with the going back in time, and as soon as Rand was there, I knew Jolie was the woman he'd bonded with.  I actually liked that, and liked how different the characters were.  But I felt the actual solution to be forced, along with the reasons no one recognized Jolie.  And Mercedes just ending the war was a giant deus ex machina.  It took the pressure out of the war, made it no big thing.

Won't stop me from reading the next book, though.  I was just displeased with the hand of the goddess coming in and laying everyone to rest.  Not only on a personal level, but I felt robbed of anything climactic and epic.

I also thought Jolie suffered a little much from the everyone wants her syndrome.  She's thrust into the paranormal world, and everyone wants to get in her pants.  It gets a little distracting at times, but isn't really a big deal in the end.

Like I said, little quibbles.

And I just about died of laughter when she had an elder vampire names Varick.  I got an absolute blast out of Jolie saying it was the quintessential vampire name.  Made me feel that I'd made a great choice when I found that name.