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Friday, January 14, 2011

#FridayFlash - Karl the wulfen, finale

Yes, the last one.  Maybe just for now.  I was writing the story of a werewolf by request.  He's never come and read the story, and I just don't care enough about werewolves to keep it up for myself.  Maybe I'll return to the world of Karl someday.


Karl's heart raced, legs trembling.  He stared at the rifle, too stunned to comprehend what was going on.

Jenny kept her distance, gun braced expertly at her shoulder.  "I'm actually glad you didn't die with the others," she taunted.

"What?"  This had to be a nightmare.  His sweet Jenny couldn't be aiming a gun at him.  She couldn't have known about the attack, couldn't be so callous about such a loss of life.

"Now we can use you to find the rest of your kind."  She gestured to the bed with a jerk of her head.  "Just settle back in, why don't ya?"

She meant it.  Jenny was involved with the slaughter.  Karl's heart broke; his darling lover was as vicious as the men he'd destroyed.  Her betrayal was worse, because she'd just been taking care of him so kindly.

The woman would need to die.

Karl growled, crooking his fingers.  The change was coming slowly, more painful because of his recent poisoning.

Jenny knew what was happening.  She fired without taking the time to aim.  Karl dodged, the silver slug cutting his shoulder.  Snarling in pain, the wulfen lunged at the woman, claws sprouting.

She fired again as he tackled her.  The bullet punched through his chest, and claws sank into her sides.  Blood splattered as they went down in a tangle of limbs, cries of pain coming from the pair.

Karl hurt, physically, mentally, and emotionally.  Jenny bit him, fighting any way she could.  The silver burned an already traumatized system.  He couldn't comprehend how his lover had hid her evil nature.  And most of all, he couldn't understand her betrayal. 

Over and over, it came to that.  Hadn't they been in love?  Hadn't he risked the anger of his clan?  Hadn't he made her happy?

Jenny jabbed a thumb into his eye.  Karl snarled, jaws elongated, and bit deeply into her face.  She screamed.  Blood gushed, bone cracked, then she screamed no more.

Slumping to his side, Karl had no fight left in him.  Without his clan, there was nothing worth fighting for.  Darkness claimed him.