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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Saint Valentine's Clash blurb

As we approach the release of Saint Valentine's Clash, there are going to be more and more things I talk about to hype it up.  I mean, I've got to show off the cover, and the blurb, and all the fun stuff.

So, here's the current blurb.  It just gets you going, doesn't it?

Her powers are growing, her depressions are gone, and Keila is doing what she does best; helping those who need her.  The young psionicist has her life back on track thanks to her considerate vampire lover and close friends that love her.

Varick is out of town, and Keila keeps herself busy to avoid any longing.  Simy is suffering flashbacks from childhood, Giovanni says people are going missing, and a strange presence is affecting Portland.  More than enough for a young psionicist to juggle and solve, keeping herself happy.
Events culminate quickly; Simy is kidnapped, a sex cult is kidnapping people, and an enticing incubus becomes her ward.  Suddenly, it's a race against time with an enemy from her past.

Keila must face her greatest challenge, alone, and prove to the world just how deadly capable she is.