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Friday, February 11, 2011

Official Saint Valentine's Clash excerpt

So, this is my choice.  Working very hard to get the ebook out Monday, but might just be next week. I'm a slackass, and I apologize.  Physical book to follow.

Anyway, enjoy this tidbit.


               The kidnapper laughed.  It was a strange laugh, vacant and meaningless.  It seemed like a part of him had been take away.  "We were told you were aggressive."
                I closed my eyes, clenching my fist.  The wind gusted, whipping my hair around.  It was cold, but not as cold as my heart.  "You can have him back when I get Simy back."  The iciness coated my voice.
                "Keila-dono, no."  Kiyoshi's voice was desperate.  He grabbed my free arm, and I shook him off.
                "You would trade someone you just saved?"  There should have been surprise in his voice, but still nothing.
                "What does this little guy mean to me?"  Derision laced my words, but I kept my eyes off Kiyoshi.
                "Don't.  Keila-dono cannot give Kiyoshi to them."
                I ignored him, focusing on the caller.  "Where do you want to meet?" he asked.  The sounds of travel rushed by in the background; they were on the freeway, not the surface streets.
                "Public would be good."  I tried to sound nonchalant, and properly callous.  Just because he didn't emote was no reason to suspect he didn't understand emotions.  "Some place close so I don't have to go far."
                Power pushed through my shields, rich and thick like molten chocolate.  My vision dimmed, and I couldn't resist as I was pulled into a kiss.
                It was fabulous.  Every wonderful kiss rolled all into one, delivered all at once.  Every dancing nerve, every thrilling touch, every delicious shiver.  Blood, and sex, and joy, and longing, and release, delivered by the softest lips imaginable.
                I groaned, coming back to myself a little.  I wasn't lost entirely to the kiss any more, but neither could I stop.  I embraced Kiyoshi, pulling him closer, running my hands through his hair.  He sighed, and I drew in his breath, my aura taking in his essence.
                There was no desire to stop.  I wanted to keep kissing him, to keep feeding on him, to absorb every ounce of his being.  I forced him back against a car, growling, kissing him harder.  He relented, and I growled deeper.  Varick never gave in like this, even when I acted out my aggressive side.
                Thoughts of the vampire filled my head, and I broke the kiss with a cry.  I'd lost myself in the moment, and completely forgotten about Simy.