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Monday, February 21, 2011

Unknown, Shelter, and other movies

I saw Unknown over the weekend. Having a tiny crush on Liam Neeson pretty much guaranteed I was going to go see it.  It was fantastic.  Well-paced, great plot, and a fantastic twist and reveal.  I did figure out some of it beforehand, but the big reveal was a surprise. I totally want to find the book now. I commend both the author and the screenwriter for making such an enjoyable movie.

Also saw Shelter, with Julianne Moore and Johnathon Rhys Meyers. He's a really great actor, and this movie showcased his abilities. A bit spooky, a bit of a thriller, a little bit religious, very spiritual, it had a great ending. Most definitely worth checking out.

If you also like foreign films, The Man From Nowhere is a great Korean revenge action flick. The fights were brutal, the story was great, and I really liked the characters. The ending was also exactly what it needed to be, considering how the arc had played out previously.

A while back, I watched Let Me In. I thought it explained a couple aspects a little better, but I pretty much found it as boring as the original. I'm just not a fan of the movie. Not because it's not about romantic vampires, but because it's long and drawn out and terribly boring. I actually like the vampirism in the story, just not how long it takes between events.