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Monday, March 14, 2011

Vampires and biting

I read Katie Salidas's Immortalis Carpe Noctem last week, and I really liked it. (I'll make a new book review post soon) What I loved most is that her vampires needed to kill, needed to drink live blood, and biting was a sensual act.

In most cases, I find biting and feeding to be sexier and more arousing than sex.

The act of biting, at its very base, isn't too dissimilar. One party penetrates the other until they both are satisfied. One climax is orgasm, the other climax is satiation of hunger. But there is one taker, one donator.

I admit to having a tiny bit of a submissive/victim complex. Having sex is a merely physical act, and there is a partnership to it. There isn't (normally) a truly submissive and truly dominant person. Only so much can be taken with sex.

But feeding is different in that respect. The vampire takes control, draining and claiming a portion of the mortal.The victim is giving up their life for pleasure, hanging entirely on their lover's mercy.

It's an act of trust, and sensuality, with just enough pain and danger to give it a real edge. Feeding is simply fantastic.

Combing the two is beyond rapturous.

So, how do you feel about biting and feeding?