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Sunday, March 6, 2011

What do my characters look like?

I've pondered this before, when trying to make the cover for All Hallows Blood, and it came back up in my thoughts because Lorelei likes All Hallows Blood's cover.

So what does everyone look like? Not like the cover models that were picked, that's for certain.

Unlike some of my other stories, there is no basis for Varick and Keila. I held them entirely in my imagination, and described them from there. Makes it a little difficult when you're trying to find pics for the cover. >.<

People have flitted across my radar since then, and become the characters.

Like Heiko Wittek. Only long after I had the vampire written did my sis-in-law find him. Other than being four inches taller, Heiko is the perfect Varick. Especially his intense stares. Put long white hair on him, and I'd friggin die. I actually did one of my sketches based on Herr Wittek.

Simon is a friend I had from New Zealand. What a surprise, right? I have a kiwi friend that became my kiwi character? He was cute as hell, and funny, and we haven't talked in years. It was actually his "fault" that eyebrow piercings began to grow on me. I haven't run across a celebrity or model that shares the same looks, but they grow them hot down under.

I have no pictures of Chris, but he looks like my best friend/roommate/heartbrother. And you'll probably never get to see him.

Serilda still hasn't become a full character, but Varick's sister will come to play some important roles. She's important to the vampire, and a mage, and I'm toying with some ideas to write a short story for her. She's a perfect German princess, so Diane Kruger (in her very serious poses) represents her well. Though Serilda has much longer hair, and is a wee bit more Valkyrie that Diane.

Kiyoshi is new to the cast, and is going to become a fair part of the story in books 4 and 5. Especially 5. But that would be spoiler-like if I told you what happens with him. He is one of the characters that had a model in my head from the get go. Since I saw Shin Koyamada as Nobutada in The Last Samurai, I was impressed by how elvish he looked. As Keila expresses in Saint Valentine's Clash, I didn't know there were Japanese elves. Granted, Shin is bigger than Kiyoshi, but close is good enough.

Keila has been, and always will be the hardest to cast. Truth be told, she looks like me. *gasps* A character who looks like her author? No way! Yes, way.

But she's younger, and in better shape. And without the blond streak, of course. I even gave her my color changing eyes. Making her like me made it easy to deal with her height, and feeling like a lummox next to petite Amber, or being worried about fitting into Varick's clothes when they first meet. Those are all things I have to deal with.

I did some internet searching, because if I had celebs for (nearly) everyone else, I needed some celebs for Keila. it kinda came up as a tie. Model Susan Loughnane and a young Lynda Carter. Susan needs black hair to go with her Irish good looks, and she could definitely be more Amazonian, but I love her eyes.

Lynda overall has the look. People keep comparing Megan Fox to her, but Miss Fox is certainly not the same as my character. Were there an All Hallows Blood movie, there could be no Megan Fox for Keila.

So there's my pleasantly random post today. Just some of the things that go through a writer's head.