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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Guest post - Paranormal Expectations - KH Lemoyne

Welcome back author KH Lemoyne. Today's subject is Being Human and wonderful paranormal shows.


Paranormal Expectations

With the portion of my life that I don’t spend writing or with my family; I spend looking for interesting new paranormal/supernatural shows to watch. It’s just me, I prefer ‘non-reality’ shows. Being Human -  has just finished its first US season on the SyFy network. I have to say I’m intrigued by this show.

The basic premise revolves around three unlikely matches for housemates: one vampire, one werewolf, and one ghost. There are other supernatural characters who weave their way through the storyline, and to be fair, this series takes an episode or two to catch on. Mainly because there is a bit of background to deliver before the viewer commits to caring about each of these characters. If you’re expecting the standard delivery of hunky guy or gal to carry these episodes with romantic tension – then this might not be your type of series. Not that the characters aren’t sexy or have relationships. They are well rounded and have surprising backstories. However, what this series’ premise leans toward is more based on the supernatural community of these beings and their risks coexisting in ‘our’ world.

If you want some interesting takes on the paranormal lifestyle for vampires, werewolf and the not-quite-departed, then you’ll find this fun. Be forewarned, this show says there is violent content, and there is. Expect blood. However the weekly stories have unpredictable turns and the camaraderie evolves through each episode. I would recommend catching this on repeats.

And for those interested, I did run across the detail that this show has just been approved for its fourth season on the BBC - .   The actors are different for the British version of the series, and I suspect the actual scenes might be tailored to a Brit audience, but the episodes appear to be the same.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m a fan of the more traditional paranormal as well. Favorites include:
·         Supernatural. Do I need to say more?
·         Moonlight with Alex O’Loughlin as Mick St. John. One of the most interesting characters was Mick’s friend, and more ancient vamp, Jason Dohring as Josef.
·         True Blood, though for the life of me I’m still not certain what draws me to that show, perhaps just the weirdness.
·         Blood Ties. Unfortunately, I think I was the only one who watched this series spin off from Tanya Huff’s books about Detective Victoria Nelson and the illegitimate son of Henry the Eighth turned vampire, Henry Fitzroy. The irony, for me, in this story was Fitzroy’s daily occupation as a romance novelist!
·         Angel – I admit I watched this for the same reason I watched Buffy, for Spike (I love a good villain who deep down wants redemption).
·         Witchblade

Please feel free to weigh in with your favorite paranormal series and characters and why they strike your dark side.

KH LeMoyne, author of fantasy & paranormal romance -
Return of the Legacy (The Portals of Destiny), XX (Phoenix Book 1), Betrayal’s Shadow & Warrior Reborn (The Guardians of Eden Books 1 and 2)