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Friday, May 13, 2011

#movie and #television time

Of course you know by now how much I love movies. Watched quite a few lately, and most of them just weren't very good.

On the forefront of the suck is Fast 5, or Fast & Furious 5, whatever it was called. It was like a long, super boring, douchebag version of The Italian Job. And Vin Diesel was looking kind of old and fat, especially next to Dwayne Johnson. I mean, the Rock doesn't look as big as when he was wrestling, but he still looks huge. As for the car scenes, they were boring or totally fake. It might be enjoyable if you're a stoner gearhead, but I doubt it.

Also was I Am Number Four. Gag. Me. Twilight with aliens, and just as poorly conceived. Why do these teen heroes want to go to high school? School wasn't a neat place, or something to do. Especially not if you're an alien who needs to stay off the grid. Being in cities and going to schools are two big no-nos. Go seriously live off the grid and train your powers, and don't get caught by the monsters. And most teenage girls aren't that interesting, let alone risking your life to fall in love with.

The Eagle was much better when it was Centurion. 8P Other than a kind of nifty fight scene in the beginning, it was pretty boring, and poorly acted. I actually fell asleep during it, and have no desire to see what I missed. Nothing was compelling. Seriously, watch the Centurion instead.

If you haven't been watching Game of Thrones, you certainly should. Other than a few casting choices I disagree with, it's true to the book. Which makes for good epic TV.

Camelot is on Starz, and also a great series to watch. It's such a different take on the Arthurian cycle, and I really like that. Merlin is fantastic, and Morgan is just damn awesome. The set design and costume is wonderful to behold. All in all, a must see.

I also recommend The Borgias. One more period drama, this one starring Jeremy Irons. It's well done, and sometimes I have to stop and remember this is based on history. Which makes it even cooler.

So, who has recommendations for me?