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Monday, May 23, 2011

Story - Keila and Varick - Favorite Feeding

This piece falls somewhere between PG-13 and R rated. It includes feeding, biting, bondage and submission, and maybe some other mildly dark themes. Just an erotic moment between my two lovebirds.

I was in an odd mood tonight. "What's your favorite place to feed?"

Snuggled against Varick, I couldn't see his facial expression, but his chuckle rumbled through his chest beneath my cheek. "Why does mein liebchen ask?" He stroked my spine, and I sighed softly.

Tracing the edge of his ribcage, I shrugged. "Curiosity?" I didn't mention the ache in my veins, the unnamed longing I'd felt since I woke up. Even our frenzied quickie and bite, normally able to sate me, hadn't ended it.

Varick's empathy gave him an almost uncanny insight into my needs. While sometimes startling, it was nice to not have to ask for things. Especially something I didn't understand. "Allow me to show you," he practically purred.

Every nerve in my body zinged and stood at attention. I loved it when he fed, when he sank fangs into me. A submissive streak couldn't explain my reaction, but I'd stopped questioning it months ago. "Yes, please," I breathlessly responded. Not that he'd given me a choice.

The vampire pressed himself up with one arm, pushing me onto my back to lean over me. His long white hair cascaded across well-defined shoulders, brushing my arm and side. Sapphire eyes gleamed as he stared, stroking the back of my hand. "I enjoy your neck, certainly." His fangs were tantalizingly visible as he spoke, normally kept out of sight. "Your moans sound in my ear, drawing me into your arousal."

He lifted my hand, tongue flicking along a vein on the back as he held my gaze. "Your skin is so wonderfully translucent and pale. All these little blue paths to your passion." Varick nipped the back of my wrist, taunting me with fang, then turned my hand over.

"Like this lovely juncture." His voice dropped to a husky whisper and his eyes closed. My breath quickened as he kissed the inside of my wrist, tongue flicking across my skin. The German had never actually fed from this joint, and anticipation made me shiver. "I must be careful to nick only the vein, to not tear those tendons."

Varick bit softly, and I whimpered as fangs broke skin. He always balanced pain and pleasure, making every nerve react. Canines barely penetrated me, but blood and ki flowed into his mouth. I didn't try to pull away, but he restrained my hand anyway.

The feed didn't last very long, but I was panting and writhing like more had gone on. "As delectable as the wrist is, the inner elbow is so much better." Varick nipped and sucked his way up my forearm. His teeth and mouth on my scars awoke molten heat in my loins, and I pressed myself against his legs, wanting him deep inside me. "Like a tasty fruit, ripe and ready to be taken," he whispered against my skin. "And like ripe fruit, it must be savored."

I groaned and struggled as Varick slowly sank fangs into the main vein. He gripped my wrist firmly, digging his fingernails into the previous bite. Pain shouldn't feel so good, but I wanted more of it. The grinding and tearing of tender skin had me groaning helplessly, and I put my free hand on the back of his head.

Varick growled, driving his fangs deeper into my elbow, finally breaking blood vessels and starting the feed. I cried out, my back arched, and I fell into thick rapture, the vampire joining me. Our empathic powers opened, and we shared pleasure, intensifying the moment. I pulled at his hair, trying to express a sudden need for violence.

The savageness was coming from the vampire, and the change in our behaviors was instantaneous. I struggled in his grip, wanting to claw and bite at him. Varick released my elbow with a snarl, and my entire body went limp at the sound. He loomed over me, hair a curtain around his face, his presence pulsing as it filled the room.

Blood stained his mouth, dark desires filled his eyes. I'd drawn out the tiger in him, and his every growl heightened my pleasure and desire. My hand fell from his hair and he pinned that wrist. My nipples hardened to aching points, my skin prickled, and I panted. "Please," I managed, needing him to act upon the bloodlust.

My submission was irresistible, my trust intoxicating to him. Varick stole a kiss, driving his tongue past my lips. The coppery sweet flavor of blood filled my mouth, sending a tremble through me. I tugged against his grip, and Varick tightened his hands on my wrists. My breath caught in my throat when he broke the kiss.

Then he slammed his prick into me, and I screamed in a mixture of reactions. Pleasure and pain and surprise and relief summoned me to the edge of orgasm. The vampire's speed never failed to surprise me, especially when he used it during sex. My muscles protested slightly at the rapid movement and invasion, but he wasn't close to actually hurting me. Especially when he began thrusting into my heat.

I arched, and my head rolled to the side. Varick growled and dove for my neck, hips grinding into my womanhood. Nowhere to be seen was my gentle lover, the one who built our passions up over hours. Here was only a beast, and I loved the savagery. I was his victim, his to do whatever he wanted to.

He tore into my neck, pounded into my slickness, and drove me to climax.

I nearly blacked out under the sudden intensity. Crashing waves of sensation raced from my limbs to my center, then to my neck. Varick's fangs and prick were my focus, the source of ecstasy. Everything that was ever good and pleasurable came from the vampire's penetration.

Varick snarled and groaned, biting harder, clenching his fists around my wrists. Another wave of rapture rolled through me and into him. We were one big bundle of ecstasy, hearts and bodies racing as one.

He fed deeply and fiercely, and even though he took mostly ki, I weakened quickly. But physical weakness didn't end the pleasure. If anything, I had stronger sensations. I moaned and had a third orgasm when he released my wrists and lifted me from the bed.

The vampire ended the bite, merely licking the wound as he held me in his lap. I lolled in his grip, aware of his impending release, and managed to tighten my thighs around his hips. Varick's ragged breath sent shivers down my spine, and I whimpered and moaned with every thrust.

Clutching me tight, driving fangs and manhood deep into me, Varick exploded with his own climax. We shook, sharing the orgasm, lost on a deep level. Rapture went on and on, banishing any thoughts of time or location. We didn't need anything but each other.

Dizzy and breathless, I was unable to move as Varick collapsed. We nestled together, the vampire stroking me non-stop. Tangled limbs made it hard to decide where one of us ended, and the other began.

After a while, he caught his breath and kissed my forehead. "My favorite place to feed is in your arms." I smiled, and slipped from consciousness.