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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Beginning the edits

I LOVE editing. I really do. It's the fun part, the polish and perfection part. Everything's written and done, I'm just making sure it's ready for your consumption.

One of the biggest edits I have to do is change the time.

Originally, I'd set it at the beginning of August, and the holiday for the title was Lughnasadgh. But I was never really happy with the title, and something just didn't fit right. Even my beta reader agreed.

This weekend, I finally decided to move it back and set it at Midsummer. It suits the theme a bit better, and leaves me room for a better title.

But now I have to go change all these little mentions of time and dates. Like dropping two months from every mention of their relationship. Sigh.

Yet it's going to be fine. It will certainly make sure I've done my math right.