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Monday, August 15, 2011

Living on a prayer

The Bon Jovi song "Living on a Prayer" has a lot of meaning for me lately. The song is sad and uplifting, demonstrating that love makes everything better. "We've got each other, and that's a lot."

It means so much because my husband has been trying to tell me this for years, and I've been struggling. None of the bad things are so terrible they can take away from our love.

The philosophy is sinking in, banishing my dark troubles. I've always loved him, always been happy with him. We'd simply been through a massive trial, and it left me a little bitter. I was missing the most important thing because I was looking at a petty list of "issues".

He's extremely patient, and has kept at me. We aren't homeless, we don't have cancer, and neither of us are in prison. Every morning finds us waking up in each other's arms.

The romantic in me finally shed her cloak of woes and remembered the most basic tenet of falling in love; being together is all that matters.