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Monday, August 8, 2011

#TuesdaySerial - My new thing

While I don't exactly think of my characters as actual living breathing entities, I do have a very dynamic place for them in my head. Meaning that there are things that happen to Keila and Varick between the books. Little events and day-to-day things that build them up, give them history, and let my imagination kill time.

Unfortunately, not all these events can fit in a book. Or need to be in a book. As my husband teased; if these were real chapters in a book, they'd be the chapters you skimmed through until you got to the good parts. Or it's too short an event to have anything resembling a plot, and not deserving of a real short story.

So rather than try to cram these snippets into a novel, I'm going to serialize them here. Around a thousand words at a time, so they're not even that overly long to sit and read. Nothing that has to do with plots, it's just fun with Keila and Varick. Get to know them, see their lust, their growth, the mundane little things they do as they fall in love. No titles, mostly chronological, no burden to read these to enjoy them in the books.

I'm not going over the books in these stories, though events will be referenced. Some of you will be familiar with All Hallows Blood and Saint Valentine's Clash, and some of you won't. I would like if you picked up and read them, but I'm not doing this only as some ploy to sell books.

I'm doing it because I hope you'll come to like my characters as much as I do. Or at least have a few minutes of enjoyment with these little slices of life. Come by weekly, and maybe even let me know what you think.

And if anyone knows of any other authors doing this, let me know.