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Friday, September 23, 2011

#FridayFlash - Chad the vampire

We nearly ran into each other going opposite ways through the breakroom door. There was the normal flurry of apologies and civilities, then our auras touched.

He was a slender man, hardly more than a boy, and eager to be seen as strong. Long hair dyed black, a rough growth of stubble on his chin, and striking green eyes.

And a desperate vampiric nature that recognized the psi vamp in me.

I am stared at and lusted after all the time. In a world of tiny girls trying to be blond and generic, a black-haired Valkyrie turns heads. He was no exception, especially since my tits were right at eye level.

Very few people react with the mix of longing and awe and need that he did. His entire being begged for my attention even as his mouth hung open.

The poor thing was almost too pitiful for words. But the presence of predator made my skin prickle and drew out my hunger. The quick dilation of his pupils said he felt the same thing.

Grabbing his ponytail, I pulled him with me into an empty conference room. As soon as the door was closed, the background noise of the call center was cut off and we were effectively alone. I'd seen him a couple times since he was hired, but neither of us really knew the other.

As way of introduction, I swooped down and bit his neck.

I didn't have fangs, and didn't need blood. I needed the raw ki of other beings to feed myself, and the neck usually gave the best access to a person's chakras. This little vamp was no exception.

He gasped and cried out, arching against my mouth. Other predators tend to have a more refined taste, something sharper and richer, but he clearly didn't feed a lot. He was missing that special piquancy I cherished.

I didn't take much, but his knees buckled when I let him. With a smile, I sat on the conference table and swung my legs.

He kept moaning, slumped to the floor. Hard to blame him; I normally got dizzy when my master fed violently on me. I hadn't exactly been gentle when I latched on to him.

"Chad, right?" I asked when he looked up. His face had drained of color, but his lips were flushed. Clearly unable to speak, he only nodded. "Did you know what I was before now?"

He gained his feet unsteadily, then leaned against the wall. Chad rubbed at the spot on his neck, the ring of teeth marks already turning purple. "I wasn't exactly sure. I kinda hoped."

Something in his voice bothered me. He had an obsequiousness that didn't match the pride a psi vamp should have. "Do you even know what you are?"

Chad looked wounded, but lifted his head proudly anyway. "I'm a vampire."

I bit my tongue to keep my snarky reply inside. He was trying real hard to be a vampire. I'd seen the gothy cross under his shirt and the battered copy of Anne Rice novels on his desk. He wore his status like a chip on his shoulder, and then probably wondered why everyone was creeped out by him.

"Has anyone ever trained you? Worked with you?" I asked instead.

The desperate longing filled him again, and I instinctively wanted to push him away. "No. I..." Chad touched his neck and blushed. "I've never met another vampire. I learned from the books, but it's hard." He lowered his eyes. "I'm real hungry and weak."

Pity stirred. He really was just a kid, lost and alone in a world that didn't understand our kind. Making his way as best he could, taking any knowledge he could find, even if most of it was wrong.

I crossed to him. "Listen. I can give you some pointers, and I can help you out a little, but you can never feed on me, and I'll never really be your trainer."

"Why not?" His voice rose in pitch, and he grabbed my wrist.

I touched the bite mark, stirring energy in his system. "Because that much intimacy creates a bond. And if we bonded, my husband would kill you." I grinned. "He's a jealous master."

Chad managed to swallow his sadness and smile back. "I guess I'll take what I can get."

"Good. Let's start with your clothes...