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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

#TuesdaySerial - Keila and Varick 5

Telling yourself you could live without something was a far cry from actually doing it. As Varick drank, I was almost convinced I would never be able to live without him.

I nearly screamed when he stopped and moved away. Thwarted orgasm stiffened my muscles, and i ached, arching uncontrollably. Blood trickled down my neck, and I wanted Varick to be feeding still.

The vampire wanted to be feeding still, and he was tortured by need. "Have you candles or a lamp?" His voice was husky, and it raised the hairs along my arms. "I would see you."

Making my limbs work took effort, but I got my bedside lamp on. Pale light filled the room, softly illuminating the German.

A smear of blood stained his lower lip, and his hair was tangled around his head. "Undress." Barely restrained desire filled his voice.

I rose, taking care not to fall and look like a fool. My head only spun a little, but my legs were still trembling. Holding Varick's gaze, I pulled my shirt over my head. "I had no idea it would affect you that night, me getting undressed in front of you."

He stayed absolutely still, almost relaxed. Anyone not connected to him wouldn't know of his inner turmoil. "When I pinned you to the wall, it was hard for me. When you first slept wounded in my bed, it was hard for me."

My hands shook as I undid my pants. We hadn't gotten a chance to really talk about what had happened between us. I wanted to know so much, but I was afraid to ask.

Varick wasn't as tongue tied, and spoke as he closed on me. "I did not know I could trust you, but I was painfully drawn to you. More than just appreciating having a half-naked woman at my mercy." I pushed my pants down my hips, and his eyes followed the movement. "You affect me in special ways."

Denim pooled around my ankles, and I stepped free of my pants. My heart thundered as I watched him, and his hands on my scars made me shiver. "That's an awful lot to be responsible for."

The German pressed himself against me, a couple inches taller than me in his Doc Marten's. He ran his nails up my back, then unhooked my bra. "Do not think on it. Simply accept it."

I kissed him.

My actions surprised us both. Self-assured and strong didn't translate to me being sexually forward. I'd always thought of myself as more restrained, as not really being a sexual conqueror.

But Varick brought out a lustful side I'd never expected.

He sighed with pleasure and kissed me back, sliding my bra straps off my shoulders. Strong fingers played across nerves and tattoos, making me whimper.

Since the first night he'd been in here, I'd wanted Varick to tumble me back into my bed and ravage me. I shivered in joy as he finally did so.