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Monday, October 31, 2011

13th and 1

Today is my husband and mine's 13th and 1 anniversary. Huzzah for us.

What is a 13th and 1 you ask? Let me tell you.

This is our 13th anniversary. Thirteen years of being together, of being in love, of not murdering the other in our sleep. It's also our first wedding anniversary. Last year, we really couldn't decide what we should call this upcoming event. Did we celebrate the general anniversary, because thirteen years is a long time and cool to say? Or did we focus only on the wedding anniversary, because that's what a lot of people talk about?

We decided to do both. Screw being conventional, or sticking to just one thing. So 13th and 1.

Next year won't be quite as confusing. I think. I mean, second wedding anniversary does sound okay...but then it will be fourteen years together. I've talked to cell users younger than that.