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Friday, October 7, 2011

#FridayFlash - Avatar

I love when they're bloody and on their knees.

Especially the big warriors. All that strength and power in absolute supplication really stirs my passion.

The remorseless fighter awaiting me now was gorgeous in all the ways I appreciated. Tall, broad shouldered, long limbed, and hard blue eyes. The kind of steely eyes that would make men tremble and women faint. The kind of eyes that showed more emotion over a well-made meal than a gutted baby.

It had been too long since one like this had prayed to me. I hid my joy, and acknowledged his presence.

He remained on his knees, showing the proper respect for a war goddess. Too many men had looked down on me because I had cunt not cock.

"I beseech Seigny,  Goddess of Winter Victories. Grant me your blessing. Make me your avatar on the physical realm."

"You do not start small," I said, drawing in his scent. Male musk, and blood, and smoke, and death. Absolutely delicious. I craved to ride this one to war.

Even on his knees, hands behind his back, there was nothing truly submissive about him. He stared up at me with such strength and pride, his aura full of bloodlust and the need for battle.

That strength was tempered by intelligence and respect for the immortal world. His supplication was not just to pay lip service to a goddess. Nor did it gall him to bend and allow another to have control.

I'd never seen a warrior like him, let alone been asked to take one as an avatar. He wanted me and my powers, wanted to use them to bring my name back to Earth.

The choice was obvious. I laid my hand over his heart, and he bowed his head. He hadn't managed to hide his triumphant smirk, and I laughed while I expanded his soul.

He'd known he'd be chosen the entire time. I could do much with this one.