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Friday, October 21, 2011

#FridayFlash - A Look At Dragons

A Look At Dragons And Their Weakness 
- author unknown, age of writing unknown

Of all the slave races throughout the planes, dragons are far and beyond the most profitable and most entertaining. Why else are they in such high demand?

They are the least prone to disease and exhaustion. They are far more intelligent than the moulein of Tau Ceti. They have few limits to their strength and stamina.

When used in war or gladiatorial contests, they fight with an unbridled fury, faring well against multiple opponents. Dragons not only lust for battle, they are instinctively adept at it, needing little training or commands.

Equally at home in light or dark, hot or cold, desert or jungle, they adapt to any environment. They are natural planeswalkers, and their wings tap into aethereal winds, allowing them flight anywhere. While not fantastic sorcerers, they yet still manipulate the energies around them with innate skill.

The offspring are clutched in groups of two to six, and are raised equally by both parents. All members of the clan participate in educating the hatchlings, and will band together to defend their young. Babies remain in the creche for at least five years, gaining remarkable amounts of learning and training.

Do not think to separate babies from parents; a sub-telepathic bond exists that is required for proper development. Removing hatchling from parent before the proper time results in a stunted, animalistic creature that is of little use.

Once mental development is through, juveniles enter a rapid growth phase, bulking up to adult size. Their true ferocity comes out at this stage, the strength of personality and abilities following suit. Dominance and aggression are easy to find.

Male and female alike are spirited and strong, capable of breaking most mental bonds. Dragons have no language of their own, using full-fledged telepathy to enhance body postures and other subtle communications. Before they were conquered, many telepathic warriors underestimated dragons, and were lost to passionate mental attacks. Adopting our slave and bedroom languages did nothing to lessen their mental abilities.

A unique and intense soulfire fills every dragon, making concepts like passionate and fervor seem weak. Though deep and powerful, they do not use it often. Be heedful not to rouse it; worlds tremble before an angry dragon.

For all their obvious strengths, dragons have one tragic weakness: pride.

Every last one, from the oldest to the freshest hatched, from the most tame to the wildest, is filled with a deep and abiding pride. Every action they take, every war, every love, every thought, is attuned to standing amongst the clan.

Any dragon can be controlled by their pride, and can even be turned against each other in such a fashion. If carefully manipulated, a dragon can be kept in an emotional harness, and will willing serve their master. Keep them fighting, fucking, and feeding, and they may be kept docile. Or, as docile as a killing machine can be.

A deep mental bond is required to own a dragon, so that master is held as clan leader. Every action is dedicated to the clan, but no dragon will follow a weak leader. Owning a dragon is more than a status symbol; it's a full commitment to life-long battle.

[Redacted from later printings]

Beware the day they finally rise against us. Scorched destruction is all that will lay in their wake as they take their revenge. The battle to conquer them will seem a spring idyll compared to the war to survive them.