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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

#TuesdaySerial - Keila and Varick 7

I managed to sit up, limbs tingling and chest heaving. During the brief time I'd allowed myself to imagine our reunion, the scenes had never gone like this.

Not just the pleasure or the desire. I'd almost counted on that. The comfort and familiarity was throwing me off. We were connected like we hadn't been parted, like we'd actually spent the last couple months getting to know each other.

Varick continued to loom in the middle of my room. His scent tantalized from six feet away. It called to my desire, made sure I knew he wanted me. The vampire's aura crawled through mine, pricking at my spirit.

My pulse spiked when I remembered him pinning me to the wall and opening my shields. So helpless and overwhelmed, I'd hung in his mercy.

And I'd enjoyed it.

Crawling out of bed and onto the floor, I held Varick's gaze. We were connected now, sharing our hungers. There would never quite be that first moment of trepidation again, when my fear of the unknown rivaled my lust for the German. I knew him now, trusted him, would never be hurt by him again.

Which meant I could give myself to him completely. Kneeling before the vampire, laying my hands on his thighs, I did just that.